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Dilemma of satisfaction

What is satisfaction? Have you ever been really totally satisfied from every thing in your life, even just for a moment? I mean you feel you got all you need and there is nothing you feel you need to do or you need to get to get to the next step? when there is no next step...


Uncertain about New decisions

Dec 25 2011
Well, to be honest I am not sure If it is OK to write a diary and  publish it online so every body can read some details about your private life! I know some people that do not go to Facebook because they are afraid to be reviled! well I think they have a serious problem called phobia ! they need to learn how to dial with the new world but for me I have always been an open person to public so It is not really a big deal to share a little bit! 

On the other hand I am a guy and people normally are really interested to girlish diaries! so I am going to be in the safe zoom knowing  probably nobody really takes the hardship to read what ever nonsense I am going to write here !  

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