how to get popular in twitter? more followers

Nov 17 2012

For a business (wo)man  it is very important to show up in different social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and of course twitter.  Since they are slightly different from each other and you expect to use them differently, you need to get oriented with each of them.

how to get popular in twitter

As a  Facebook user , it was not really a big deal to learn Likedin since they have more and less the same structure. But  might twitter seems a little bit pointless at the first glance! Well the idea was good! You write very short messages like SMS and then you post it to your page (or time line). the question is if anybody  really bothers to read my tweets!  

To this point of view, It is the same deal with a blog, you can write blog and nobody really read it but on the other hand you know Google going to send you visitors. If your posts are interesting people start to give more links to your posts and you get more popular and Google sends you more visitors that are probably  interested in the subject, therefor it does not seems really a big waste of time to write a blog right?!

But what happens when you start tweeting! Well you should first clean your mind a little bit from  presupposed ideas about social networks. 

The first step is  you think about how to make contents - well I understand you want to be a popular twitter- learn how to use this social network in daily basis, then you know in which aspect it is more fun and then you are in the right track and you can start to post better tweets and become popular right?

In twitter when you search something like  “#southpark” you see all the tweets about South Park -the TV show - well if you do it just before or after it being broadcast you probably can read lots of tweets about the new episode. It works the same for events like sport matches,conflicts and etc.

If you tweet something like"it is 100st episode that #Kenny survived #southpark”people who search for south park and Kenny see your post (though people tweet abut other Kennys too !)  if it is an interesting fact for audiences you get re-tweeted ! not bad for the first day hah?This way you reach more people that may come to your Time line and read your other tweets as well, and if they like your tweets they probably fallow you ! and this way you get really popular in twitter ! easy ha ? 

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