Pink Floyd or Justin Bieber ?! This is the question

Jan 05 2012

I've seen  this image on the net just thought could be interesting thing to add to this post ! 
Well, when I am thinking how I grew up and how the new generation is growing up I feel a little bit afraid for future of the world. I was grown up listening  to  Pink Floyd and Metallica all the time with the great lyrics and some philosophy behind  every song. the new generation is listening to Nicki Minaj and  Justin Bieber! well may be the deepest songs  are belongs to lady gaga! how come we got so superficial and stupid !?  where is the "Bob Marley" of this generation !? 

pink floyd

Well, OK, I don't really  want to talk more about music and how It used to be and how it is. I fact I was enjoying a little bit YouTube reviewing and I ended up watching Roger Waters'  performance on O2 Arena 2011, where David Gilmour out of the blue appears on top of the wall, performing along side roger. that is kind of old story but come on I thing it is still cool to watch! I really enjoyed it reviewing it, I hope you do as well.  I think they are still great in Images and lights and surprising crowd ! I wish I where there!

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