rocky 8 : Warrior (2011)

Dec 31 2011

Last night I had the opportunity to watch a  2011 movie called warrior. I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy it, but I think the idea of the movie was not original. I would like it better if it was called "Rocky" with "Silvester Stalone" but come on you don't copy somebodies movie and sell it for yourself ! or you do ?! 

Warrior poster

There are even lots of exact familiar scenes and consents in the movie like outside training with non tinning objects, outside running in addition to  relationship of coach and trainee as a point of emphasis and even a Russian competitor. For the sake of god, dude, Russian as an enemy days is far way gone! fid something new for yourself you don't need copy everything blindly !
well on the other hand there are some new concepts in the movie to make it up to date, a Iraq war survivor who is a unknown hero of the war. Gavin buddy are you herring yourself !? the guy is fighting to get 5 million dollars to give it to the widow of his friend that has been died in the war. 5000000$ !?!?! Why ?! What she did to deserve that or what specific need she has.


On the other hand the main character is loosing his home for paying the bank mortgage, he is a physic teacher and he used to be  one of those cage animals but now he is married and is not fighting anymore. the funny part is he trains a little bit again, lets say less than a month and he becomes to good at it again that becomes the final winner! so those people who  training their ass of days and nights, will loose just because we know you need the money  and probably other fighters are there only to kick your ass?! they don't need the money for some good reason for sure  ha !? 
although I was critic to this movie, I doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it !  but it could be much better! I enjoyed the movie fight club too, maybe 100 times more. It was much better if it was a original movie with original concepts. may be next time Gavin

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