game of life; problem solving !

Dec 26 2011

The day after Christmas (not Swedish Christmas though !), I woke up at 1 pm  and now at about 4 pm it is so dark everywhere that I feel sleepy again ! god bless Sweden!

Today I am supposed to start writhing my master thesis again but I am doing everything but that! I am seriously gonna start it in one hour though ! when I wanted to start I found out my university credential doesn't work so I could not log in to databases to use scientific articles.on the other hand the university is closed now so I can not go there and fix it!  Luckily  though I have some good friends that I could reefer and solve the problem. 
I see the life as a gigantic pack of problems that we should keep solving them. we should not  keep bitching about problems but we are to find solutions! actually I think as humans we like problems. a big proof could be computer games ! it is all about problem solving! 
so don't get mad when you face a problem that is only a part of the game, you find the solution and you move on to the next one ! that is how the game of life supposed be be played ! 

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