Uncertain about New decisions

Dec 25 2011

Well, to be honest I am not sure If it is OK to write a diary and  publish it online so every body can read some details about your private life! I know some people that do not go to Facebook because they are afraid to be reviled! well I think they have a serious problem called phobia ! they need to learn how to dial with the new world but for me I have always been an open person to public so It is not really a big deal to share a little bit! 

On the other hand I am a guy and people normally are really interested to girlish diaries! so I am going to be in the safe zoom knowing  probably nobody really takes the hardship to read what ever nonsense I am going to write here ! 

The problem is normally only people tend to read my diary that personally know me or tiring to get to know me for some reason! probably most of us believe that it is a good Idea to keep our true personality in disguised  so we can exploit others lake of knowledge to show a fake (but  acceptable) face of us pertaining to the situation. ?Well, I am really straggling to make myself believe that (that's stupid thing to do ! only stupid people force some Ideas to them-self; so I better say I am straggling to prove to myself that ) at the end we are better off with our real identity. 

What seems to be a question here is if humankind is mature enough to accept a person as he is (I hate it to pretend to  support feminist she/he  structure! I'll say why in other post ! ) . Indeed I believe people  are not as mature as they think! In movies for example we focus a lot  to teach like other people regardless how they think, and respect other people's Ideas but in fact we still have big fights on our favorite football teams! But because of   those movies we fell we are very mature and reasonable !  like write now you probably started to judge me about my subjective ideas regarding to  feminism. good or bad you prejudge me only knowing a fact (not even compliantly trust-able) and categorized me between your categories! I am not saying that's wrong !   I am pro-categorizing type of person! I see it as defensive way to avoid certain type of people potentially harmful, but still we need to know it better and make a correct use of it. then I call us humans, mature !         

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