Dilemma of satisfaction

Dec 25 2011

What is satisfaction? Have you ever been really totally satisfied from every thing in your life, even just for a moment? I mean you feel you got all you need and there is nothing you feel you need to do or you need to get to get to the next step? when there is no next step...


I am better off empty stomached than when I am really full, I fell better when I am sober that when I am pissed drunk, I like the smell of my breath when I haven't smoked... but still time to time I eat more than  I can, I drink as much as available, and  I smoke when ever I  feel like it ! Meanwhile,  ridiculously, I am seriously on this opinion that if I stop doing above I am not enjoying my life !  
seriously ! what is wrong with me! why should I choose to suffer things to enjoy my life!? isn't it the case that I am a human and we are just like  this?
So, please shut of and eat , drink, and smoke as much as you can ! :D

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