Google geolocation API in C# for finding latitude and longitude for dynamic Google maps in asp.net

you have addresses and you want to show them on the map ? what you do ? I would use Goggle map! but if you have a huge amount of addresses how do you programmatically tell the map where to show!? I mean if you need to generate the map of fly based on the address! I made a class with C# that helps you with that. lets take a look at it!
Generate Map Onfly Google    

Extension methods : how to add more Extra methods to type String, Int or ... very easily ?

You can actually "add" methods to existing types very easily even without creating a new derived type. This is exreamly cool fast and time to times it comes in handy. I am going to tell you very simply othrwise you can read the official supper correct version on MSDN. 

assume we have a string like this:

string myString = "Hello! ";

Then normally we can have some string type methods like 


But how about if we want to have our own methods in this type for example
that for example returns 
"Hello! Cool"  

Dilemma of satisfaction

What is satisfaction? Have you ever been really totally satisfied from every thing in your life, even just for a moment? I mean you feel you got all you need and there is nothing you feel you need to do or you need to get to get to the next step? when there is no next step...


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